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PSBC Launches Postal Love Public Welfare Platform
PSBC Launches Postal Love Public Welfare Platform
| China Post |2017-04-02

At a press conference held on March 20, the 10th anniversary of the founding of Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) and the bank's Public Welfare Day, PSBC announced that the Postal Love Public Welfare Platform it created was officially put into operation including a Postal Love Fund, Postal Love Growth Plan and the newly-founded Public Welfare Volunteers Association.

Deputy Minister of Finance Liu Wei and President of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) Duan Yingbi attended the event.

PSBC Chairperson Li Guohua delivered a speech and PSBC President Lv Jiajin presided over the conference.

“The Postal Love Public Welfare Platform is an important initiative to play our advantages, integrate internal and external resources, and sustain public welfare undertakings,” Li said. “Its vision is to condense social strength, arouse public awareness and deliver humane care as it works to become an innovator and practitioner of Chinese welfare.”

He expressed his hope that the platform can earnestly implement the concept of public welfare, innovate methods of work and provide support for public love, adding his desire that related social departments will continue to show concern for the development of the platform and make greater contributions to the building of a well-off society in an all-round way.

With PSBC and the CFPA jointly initiating the Postal Love Public Welfare Fund, PSBC donated 5 million yuan (US$ 725,500) as startup funding.

In addition, the two launched a “Donating Together” campaign on a WeChat public welfare platform. In just a week, nearly 260,000 postal workers and the public had donated more than 5 million yuan (US$ 725,500)by March 20.

The Postal Love Public Welfare Fund has now raised a total of 10 million yuan (US$ 1.45 million).

PSBC had set up a special work organization responsible for the operation and management of funds together with the CFPA.

The PSBC mobile banking app, E-bank, WeChat bank and other online channels have also opened Postal Love Public Welfare Fund donation sites. They have begun accepting credit card donations, business development donations and other campaigns in succession.

The Postal Love Public Welfare platform is fully open to the government, enterprises, social organizations and compassionate public figures.

An open, transparent operation and management mechanism will be established to include external partners by sharing information with the public, which differs from the traditional mode of simple donation and short-term alleviation of social needs. It will enrich and improve the platform's reputation and operational mode while enhancing its value. 

(China Post)

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