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China Post Henan Establishes 17 Direct International Air Routes
China Post Henan Establishes 17 Direct International Air Routes2017-04-09

Direct air routes China Post Henan started on March 1 from central China's Zhengzhou to 17 countries are currently operated well. The total mail sent had amounted to 205,300 pieces by March 20, with the time for delivery reduced by one third.

Direct postal routes from Zhengzhou now provide access to 37 cities in 32 countries and regions. Ninety percent of international mail, as well as some national mail, leaves Henan from Zhengzhou on its way to Russia, the United States and other European countries, greatly promoting the city's export and transit functions.

The 17 countries now serving direct flights include Sweden, Mexico, Chile, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech, Poland, Turkey, Denmark, Hungary, Finland, New Zealand, Austria, Indonesia, Ireland, and Portugal.


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