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PSBC General-Manager Meets Standard Chartered President Jose Vinals
PSBC General-Manager Meets Standard Chartered President Jose Vinals
| China Post |2017-04-15

General-Manager of Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) Li Guohua met with a delegation led by Standard Chartered President Jose Vinals, who came to China for the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation on May 15 in Beijing. The two sides exchanged on further cooperation and Belt and Road financial development.

“Standard Chartered has carried out extensive cooperation with PSBC in international business, financial markets, capital markets and other fields during its hundred years of development in China,” said Li. “The Belt and Road Forum's principle of achieving shared growth through discussion and collaboration is of great significance in promoting peaceful development in the world by exploring new development modes in regionalization and globalization. It is proved that this great idea has been recognized all over the world.”

“As a native large retail commercial bank based on China, PSBC will establish overseas branches. We hope to strengthen cooperation with Standard Chartered in overseas business, especially in meeting demands of customers along the Belt and Road,” Li said.

For his part, Vinals noted that “the speech President Xi Jinping delivered at the opening ceremony of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation was inspiring and will leave a profound historic influence. The Belt and Road Initiative is of far-reaching significance to the world.”

He conveyed his congratulations on PSBC's 10th anniversary, and thanked the bank's support of Standard Chartered.

“PSBC has significant advantages in funds, customers, outlets and asset quality. The two parties will play their respective advantages to deepen the cooperation in financing for infrastructure along the Belt and Road, RMB internationalization and other fields. Standard Chartered attaches great importance to comprehensive, long-term strategic cooperation with PSBC, and is willing to provide better support to the reform and development of PSBC through its worldwide branch network and professional personnel, achieving win-win cooperation,” Vinals added.

PSBC Vice General-Manager Xu Xueming also attended the event.

(China Post)

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