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‘Top Students’ Book List’ from EMS Released
‘Top Students’ Book List’ from EMS Released2017-09-09

Seventy-seven books were recently listed on the China Postal Express and Logistics “Top Students’ Book List”, including both Chinese and foreign literary classics and science books such as Dream of the Red Chamber, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Physics of the Future and Mad Science. Specific lists can be found in the official micro-blog accounts of China Post and EMS.

To better serve students, China Postal Express and Logistics started the project by inviting 33 top-ranking students in college entrance examinations to each recommend three books.

The company also launched an online books recommendation activity through micro-blogs to integrate with the list from top students. The list of 100 most popular extracurricular books will be released over EMS's social media account. The company will donate these books in the name of top students and netizens to 10 selected middle schools in less developed areas to help local students expand their vision.


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