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China Post Liaoning Offers 'Left-behind' Children Free Medical Services
China Post Liaoning Offers 'Left-behind' Children Free Medical Services2017-08-28

China Central Television (CCTV) Evening News reported on July 20 on the China Post Liaoning's program that helps local "left-behind" children receive quality medical services.

Rural "left-behind" children are those whose parents leave them when they move to urban areas to seek work.

China Post Liaoning joined hands with Tieling He's Ophthalmic Hospital and Spring Hospital to offer free checkups for "left-behind" children in Tieling City, northeast China's Liaoning Province, over the summer vacation.

“We don’t know these rural children who need ophthalmic examinations, though we have the technology. We find them through cooperation with China Post Liaoning. Some of the children's degree of eyesight reached 200-300, according to the examination, but they were ignored,” said Liu Zhe, a chief physician in Tieling He's Ophthalmic Hospital.

“China Post Liaoning makes good use of their resources to give children psychological counseling so their parents who work far away can feel relieved,” a worker of China Post Liaoning said in an interview by CCTV.

China Post Liaoning's “Love Medical Care” project was started in Tieling and has been promoted across the whole province since April.

Taking its own advantages, China Post Liaoning cooperated with good-quality medical institutions to offer remote medical consultations and onsite clinical services.

(China Post)

To date, 527 “Love Medical Care” outlets have been set up in Liaoning and 17,988 people have used postal telemedicine services. The “Love Medical Care” program has won wide praise by users and society. 

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