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Delivery Security Work Starts for Upcoming CPC National Congress in Beijing
Delivery Security Work Starts for Upcoming CPC National Congress in Beijing2017-09-27

A mobilization conference by the Beijing Municipal Postal Administration and Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau on work for the upcoming 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) began in Beijing on September 14.

The two organizations stressed that all departments need to cooperate in supervision and management of law enforcement and address security issues with a unified force for postal consignments. They said greater efforts must be made to offer legal training for postal workers and strictly implement administrative regulations on prohibited items for postal delivery.

Postal express enterprises should establish a security guarantee team while making work and emergency plans. They are also expected to form offices for security services and hold mobilization meetings.

China Post Beijing and China Postal Express & Logistics Beijing said that they would resolutely implement the spirit of the meeting. The two units ordered their branches to implement real name parcel posting and receiving. Senders are expected to show valid identity documents first and then post parcels after registration, as are recipients. As well, all items for postal delivery will be examined.

Prohibited items must be reported as soon as they are found and postal workers will carry out onsite security control of the items.

Security inspection personnel will examine airmail according to China Civil Aviation Security Check Regulations, with all items that don’t pass the security inspection handled according to related regulations to make ensure safety.

The 19th CPC National Congress will be held on October 18 in Beijing. 

(China Post)

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