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China Post Joins Hands with China Railway
China Post Joins Hands with China Railway
| China Post |2017-12-08
The sheet-let of the commemorative stamp on achievements in China's high-speed railways displays the "Fuxing" bullet train. [China Post]

China Post Vice President Zhang Ronglin signed an agreement with China Railway Vice General-Manager Li Wenxin for the two companies' strategic cooperation in Beijing on November 25 at the issuing ceremony for a commemorative stamp on the achievements of China's high-speed railways.

According to the agreement, the two parties will establish a long-term strategic partnership, giving full play to their respective advantages in resources, logistics, information, finance, ticketing, capital and cultural services to meet the growing needs of people.

China Post General-Manager Li Guohua and China Railway General-Manager Lu Dongfu attended the event while China Post Vice President Li Pizheng presided over the ceremony.

Lu Dongfu had a talk with China Post leaders before the signing ceremony. Li Guohua introduced the reform and development of China Post Group in recent years and expressed his gratitude to China Railway for its support.

“China Post has become a modern enterprise engaging in basic postal business, financial services, express and logistics and e-commerce. Relying on outlets in urban and rural areas, we have obtained good results. Based on a good cooperative relationship, we hope the two parties give full play to advantages respectively and strengthen cooperation, building a good platform for developing business and markets,” said Li.

Lu Dongfu described the development of China Railway and expressed his hope that the two parties learn from each other about management, operations and reform, and strengthen cooperation in expanding their markets.

“I hope the two sides establish a long-term, stable and efficient cooperation mechanism,” Lu added.

According to the agreement, the two sides will have strategic cooperation in the following aspects:

First, they will strengthen domestic logistics cooperation, proceeding business connection. Second, the two parties will strengthen cooperation in international logistics, giving full play to the important role of international railways, and meet the growing demands in cross-border mail transportation. Third, the two sides will strengthen cooperation in ticketing and information, promoting postal railway ticket outlets and data. Fourth, China Post and China Railway will strengthen financial and capital cooperation, and carry out all-round cooperation in terms of finance, capital management, and the establishment of a new relationship between banks and enterprises along with joint investment. Fifth, they will strengthen cooperation in cultural services, deepen the network development, and boost  cultural products development.

After the signing ceremony, Lu Dongfu and Li Guohua unveiled the stamp and gave their autographs as a memento. The  commemorative set has four stamps including a sheet-let. The stamp depicts construction of high-speed railways, high-speed train services, a high-speed railway bridge and high-speed railway station. The sheet-let displays the "Fuxing" (Renaissance) class bullet train.

This set of stamps shows the great achievements of China's high-speed railway in planning and design, engineering construction, technological innovation, equipment manufacturing, operation and management, reflecting the new role of railway administrations in achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


(China Post)

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