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PSBC's Wealth Making Project Enters CCTV Program
PSBC's Wealth Making Project Enters CCTV Program
| China Post |2017-12-04

More than 70 business teams gathered on September 5 in Guangzhou in south China’s Guangdong Province for the finals of an Entrepreneurship and Wealth Making Competition sponsored by the Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) and the candidate selection of the “We Are the Hero” program of CCTV (China Central Television).

Highlighting the concept of mass entrepreneurship, the competition sets innovation, entrepreneurship and wealth making prizes. A “Star Talents” segment was also held for outstanding competitors.

At last, 28 programs stood out from the 5,000 entries and won the gold, silver and bronze awards.

Five of the awarded programs, including study and development of key parts of new energy motors, Guangdong Wuse Shikong Ecological Technology Company, intelligent security inspection robot and Robust intelligent technology project, were qualified for the CCTV program “We Are the Hero”.

Founders of the five projects will take the national stage and have the opportunity to get angel investment, moving onto a broader path of entrepreneurship and wealth making.

Promotion of mass entrepreneurship and innovation is an important measure of expanding employment and stimulating people's wisdom and creativity. It is of great significance for promoting economic restructuring and enhancing new driving forces for development.

The Entrepreneurship and Wealth Making competition, which PSBC has held for eight consecutive years, combines financing and  intelligence, providing an integrated service platform for individual entrepreneurs, and small- and micro-businesses through the introduction of media, experts and government.

In the past eight years, the Competition has built up a wealth platform for tens of thousands of young entrepreneurs, and led a wave of enthusiasm cross the country. Taking Guangdong Province for example, 70,000 Entrepreneurship and Wealth Making teams have been built, which has been warmly welcomed by governments of different levels and the majority of entrepreneurs. 

(China Post)

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