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China Post Insurance Wins 3 Awards for Publicity upon Poverty Alleviation
China Post Insurance Wins 3 Awards for Publicity upon Poverty Alleviation
| China Post |2017-12-14

China Post Insurance won the July 8 Poverty Alleviation Contribution Award, Publicity Contest Best Organization Award and the third prize for Insurance Industry Poverty Alleviation Photo Contest due to its excellent organizational skills, colorful publicity activities and outstanding performance in poverty alleviation at a conference held in Beijing on November 15.

July 8 National Insurance Public Awareness Day is an important way for the insurance industry to popularize insurance knowledge, listen to the public's voice, improve service quality and shape the image of the industry. The theme of this year's public awareness day was “Keep Away from Poverty Starting from an Insurance”.

China Post Insurance gave a positive response and organized activities including a 7.8 km Poverty Alleviation Charity Run, the Insurance Alleviating Poverty Achievements Photo Exhibition and Insurance: Adding Colors to Life campaign.

In recent years, China Post Insurance has actively cooperated with the Insurance Association of China (IAC) to carry out National Insurance Public Awareness Day activities, transmitting the positive energy of the industry.

The three awards China Post Insurance won in the events this year are an affirmation of its efforts from the IAC and the public.

As an insurance company, China Post Insurance will continue to uphold the concept of long-term poverty alleviation, integrate poverty alleviation into daily work and promote the development of poverty alleviation through the strength of the insurance industry. 


(China Post)

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