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China Post Insurance Donates Personal Accident Insurance for Poverty Alleviation
China Post Insurance Donates Personal Accident Insurance for Poverty Alleviation2017-12-22

China Post Insurance donated personal accident insurance totaling 54.2 million yuan (US$ 8.2 million) to 542 destitute households in Bamian City in 2017, as noted during a National Insurance Public Awareness Day Poverty Alleviation Project donation ceremony in northeast China's Liaoning Province on October 23.

China Post Insurance also donated materials valued at 120,000 yuan (US$ 18,168), including fitness equipment and science books, as well as 23,000 yuan (US$ 3,482) to needy students and impoverished families.

Bamian City is located at the junction of Liaoning Province, Jilin Province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Dingjia Village is the key poverty-stricken village that the administrative office of the Tieling Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) supported.

China Post Insurance actively responded to the nation's call, had lost no time in implementing the poverty alleviation project in Liaoning, devoting every effort to helping fight poverty.

Next, China Post Insurance will continue to explore new models of poverty alleviation, develop related products, improve its service ability and contribute more to the great goals the 19th CPC National Congress established. 


(China Post)

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