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China Postal Express & Logistics Joins Hands with Aokang Group
China Postal Express & Logistics Joins Hands with Aokang Group
| China Post |2017-12-21

China Postal Express & Logistics signed a strategic cooperation agreement on October 31 with Zhejiang Aokang Shoes Company in Shanghai to share advantageous resources, explore online-to-offline business intelligence solutions and help to promote the new retail model in the era of “Internet plus”.

Zhejiang Aokang Shoes Company, one of the leading leather products companies, is devoted to R&D, manufacturing, distribution and retailing of shoes and Aokang brand leather products and four other brands. The brand value of Aokang reached 10 billion yuan (US$ 1.5 billion) in 2011.

It has had good cooperation with China Postal Express & Logistics in product delivery and many other aspects over the years. With the establishment of the IOT (Internet of Things), the two parties will deepen and upgrade their cooperation.

Aokang Group fully approved the comprehensive logistics service that EMS provides. Under the development and reform of the retail industry, China Postal Express & Logistics has created a new goods exchange service model, eliminating many disadvantages that existed in the traditional model.

China Postal Express & Logistics has built a set of order information management systems, leading the information revolution in the express industry.

In addition, it has extended its service to chains of production, supply, marketing and distribution.

It provides customers with a series of online and offline integrated solutions including courier services, logistics, warehouse management, information technology, data analysis and supply network planning.

As a result, China Postal Express & Logistics provides a strong guarantee for enterprises to expand their industry scale, improve operational efficiency and reduce logistics costs. 

(China Post)

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