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PSBC, China Post Insurance Win Golden Tripod Award
PSBC, China Post Insurance Win Golden Tripod Award
| China Post |2017-12-17

Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) won the “Socially Responsible Bank of the Year” and “Best Credit Card of the Year” awards at the 2017 China Financial Development Forum on December 15. The forum also marked the award ceremony of the 8th Golden Tripod Award released on December 15. The “Socially Responsible Insurance Company of the Year” award went to China Post Insurance.

As one of the most notable activities in the field of finance in China, the annual selection activity  is organized by National Business Daily. After 45 days of voting, the results were evaluated by the organizing committee for the forum and a panel of expert judges.

As a large state-owned commercial bank, PSBC always adheres to the strategic positioning of serving community, small and medium-sized enterprises, agriculture, farmers and rural areas.

It innovates products and services, builds a professional service system, effectively alleviates financing difficulties for small and micro enterprises, provides funding for the implementation of the national policy of poverty alleviation, and provides effective service to the real economy.

In the development of credit cards, the bank has been highly recognized by the market and customers to ensure effective incremental growth, customer acceptance and satisfaction.

China Post Insurance has been strengthening its responsibilities for years, concerned about disasters, focusing on people's livelihood, caring for vulnerable groups, serving people through real action and giving back to society.

Instead of celebrating anniversaries, the bank has spread scientific and literacy knowledge and offer medical services to farmers in rural areas every year since its founding eight years ago.

In addition, PSBC carefully organized a series of public welfare activities to help care for "left-behind" children, benefiting more than 20,000 kids, which has been highly recognized in the banking industry and society. 


(China Post)

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