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2017 Top Ten Events at China Post Group
2017 Top Ten Events at China Post Group
| China Post |2018-01-23

1  Leaders of the Party and the state affirmed the work China Post in innovation and poverty alleviation

Before the first meeting of the presidium of the Fifth session of the Twelfth National People’s Congress  (NPC)  delegation, General secretary Xi Jinpin gave a direction that only if enterprises constantly innovate and improve efficiency will they realize sustainable development after he listened to a report on China Post’s deepening reform to realize transformation and upgrading from He Jianzhong, NPC deputy and secretary of China Post Jiangpinglu in east China’s Jiangsu Province on March 4, 2017.

Premier Li Keqiang affirmed China Post's ‘Double Innovation’ work on May 20, 2017.

Vice-premier of the State Council Wang Yang fully affirmed the poverty alleviation work by China Post and expressed his hope that it continues to play the advantages of postal channels and technology to make a greater contribution to the assault on poverty alleviation. Li's remarks came at the National Rural E-commerce Poverty Alleviation Experience Exchange Meeting on September 15 in southwest China's Guizhou Province and 1st New Farmers and Technology Entrepreneurial Innovation Congress on November 10 in east China's Jiangsu Province.


2 The National postal system has extensively carried out activities to comply with the 19th CPC National Congress and study the spirit of the meeting

In accordance with the 19th CPC National Congress, China Post Group carried out a series of promotional activities themed ‘China Post's outstanding achievements over the past five years’, which were publicized in the People's Daily, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily and other central media. In addition, a congress on the China Post Development Achievement report and photo exhibitions were held as well as other activities.

The Party at China Post Group held a teleconference to publicize the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress on November 6. They issued the notice on study and implementation of the 19th CPC National Congress and its work plan, mobilizing all Party organizations and Party members and cadres to study and implement the spirit of the congress, and make new contributions in servicing the Party and national undertaking.

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) opened on October 18 at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.


3 China Post reaches great achievement in mass entrepreneurship and innovation work

China Post Group held a teleconference to promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation work. 

It established a lead innovation work group and innovation management offices, introducing incentives and accelerating the construction of a cloud platform, a collaborative innovation platform that covers the entire postal system. It encourages millions of employees to give suggestions to the development of the enterprise and vigorously promote innovation from grassroots postal workers. It has text, app and WeChat versions.

The enterprise carried out ‘Striving for Innovation’ activities, stimulating all postal workers’ innovation vitality. More than 550,000 people logged on the cloud innovation platform and submitted 90,000 innovations, among which 87 were selected as the first batch of golden ideas. At the same time, China Post launched the 2017 National Postal Enterprises Technology Innovation Achievements and Management of Modern Innovation Achievement Assessment. Nine projects won first prizes for achievements in innovation of science and technology, 20 carried off  second prizes and 30 received the third prize as well as 30 gadgets. Ten projects won first prize for enterprise management innovative achievement, 20 received second prize and 30 won third prize.

The mass entrepreneurship and innovation work has effectively promoted the transformation and upgrading of China Post Group.


4  Postal Savings Banks of China successfully issued overseas preferred stock valued at up to US $ 7.25 billion.

The Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) successfully issued a US $ 7.25 billion foreign preferred shares on September 21 following the bank’s listing in Hong Kong in 2016. It was another PSBC financing activity in the international capital market that set many records. It was the world’s largest preferred stock issuance by a financial institution and the largest preferred shares by a financial institution in Asia, all of which further enhances PSBC’s international influence.


5  China Post Insurance realizes the goal of regular premiums reaching ‘Double 10 billion’ ahead of schedule.

China Post group proposed on December 14, 2016 that both  new and renewal premiums of China Post Insurance should exceed 10 billion yuan (US$1.6 million) in 2017.

China Post Insurance brought about its goal ahead of schedule on November 8, hitting a historical high. Joining hands with China Post branches, PSBC and China Post Insurance, the enterprise practiced the spirit set at the initiative’s the kick-off meeting through giving full play to the ‘self-management +escrow’ mode and strengthening the organization, making a positive contribution to a new growth pole in the postal insurance business.


6 China Post held the first ‘919 shopping Carnival’

China Post successfully held the first ‘919 Shopping Carnival’ from September 1 to 19, which greatly improved the popularity of the ule.com portal and the influence of postal rural e-commerce. China Post’s rural e-commerce has entered a new development stage.

Total online members reached 300,000 during the first Ule 919 Shopping Carnival, which benefited from the cooperative operations and unified planning of provincial, municipal and prefectural outlets. 

Ule.com is a new click-and-mortar shopping platform jointly established by China Post and TOM Group, a media and technology company listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Click-and-mortar describes a business model that combines online e-commerce with physical retail outlets. Click-and-mortar grocery stores have both a local presence and online shopping capability, giving customers the best of both worlds.


7 the Party group of China Post Group realizes the goal of three-year inspection tour covering all postal branches nationwide.

The Party group of China Post Group made inspection tours over three years covering the headquarters of its subsidiaries and postal enterprise subordinate units in all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

The China Post Party group has been divided into nine groups in the past three years. Some 41 inspection teams have been dispatched to inspect 136 postal enterprise subordinate units, of which 31 were toured again.

The group found problems, promoted reform and promoted development through the inspection, deepening the spirit of running the Party strictly.


8  New generation of mail delivery service information platform online for postal and express delivery in 2017.

 Taking improved customer service and experiences as the core, the platform introduced new ideas and technology, realizing leading private cloud application and improving work efficiency significantly.

The platform covers all related functions of delivery services in postal and postal express and logistics packages, supporting all delivery services. It has enhanced the efficiency of front-line staff, improved the customer experience and the core competitive ability of its delivery services.


9 Party and government organs in cities above the county level receive Party newspapers and magazines of the day.

China Post Group invested 150 million yuan (US$23.4 million) to make sure that Party and government organs in cities above the county level receive Party newspapers and magazines of the day in 2017.

Cities above the county level in 18 provinces realized the goal by the end of September, 2017, more than fulfilling the target the Ministry of Transport and the State Post Bureau proposed.


10  China Post group stake purchases largest domestic intelligent package warehouse operator.

Jointing hands with cainiao.com and Fosun Group, China Post Capital Management Co., Ltd purchased 64 percent stake of sposter.net, the largest domestic intelligent package warehouse operator.

China Post has controling interest in sposter.net, realizing the strategic layout of intelligent logistics terminal and enhancing the core competitiveness of China Post's delivery sector. 


(China Post)

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