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Seven Practical Targets of Postal Industry in 2018 Released
Seven Practical Targets of Postal Industry in 2018 Released
| China Post |2018-01-29

The State Post Bureau of the People's Republic of China completed the 2018 work arrangements and announced the postal industry's seven practical targets to improve people's livelihoods in 2018 at the 2018 National Postal Administration Conference held in Beijing on January 8.

The seven practical targets are as follows:

More than 10,000 villages with organizational systems will be improved and 98 percent of them will be accessible by postal communication in 2018.

Improving the end processes of delivery services, further promoting postal express services in autonomous regions and rural areas, and standardizing the management of courier tricycle.

Servicing the ‘Rural Revitalization Strategy’, creating a number of ‘Express plus’ gold projects of which the annual business volume is over 10 million and enhancing the postal industry's services for agriculture, rural areas and farmers.

Implementing the ‘Trust Consumption Project’ and organizing special treatment.

Creating a ‘Safe Post’ environment, realizing a real-name receiving and posting system by the end of 2018, and increasing consumer information security protection.

Improving industrial green development, vigorously promoting packaging reduction and recycling, and striving to promote energy saving and emission reduction in the industry.

Strengthening the protection of the rights and interests of mail carriers, promoting the Couriers Caring Project.

In addition, a modification project will be launched among post offices in western and rural areas in 2018.

Postal enterprises are to be encouraged to transform and upgrade, improve corporate governance structures and speed up the innovation of technology, products and service models.

Supporting postal enterprises to create parcel express and rural e-commerce, strengthening network effects, enhancing service capabilities, expanding the delivery business and enhancing the quality of service.

The postal service should improve the development of modern agriculture, help agricultural products entering cities, strengthen the operation of private brand products, construct vertical service channels and a regional service network for agricultural products.

They will give full play to the role of the international mail exchange bureau and promote the development of cross border e-commerce, establish an integrated postal service platform, transforming the postal network into an open, sharing and cooperative servicing platform. 


(China Post)

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