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Members on China Post Shopping Platform Increase Sharply
Members on China Post Shopping Platform Increase Sharply
| China Post |2018-01-03

Members on js.ule.com, a new click-and-mortar shopping platform jointly established by China Post and TOM Group, had exceeded 1.02 million by the end of November 2017, accounting for about 10 percent of the total members of ule.com.

TOM Group Limited (stock code: 2383) is a media and technology company listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. In addition to its media businesses in publishing and advertising, it also has a technology platform with operations in e-commerce, social networking and mobile internet as well as investments in Fintech and Big Data analytics.

Click-and-mortar describes a business model that combines online e-commerce with physical retail outlets. Click-and-mortar grocery stores have both a local presence and online shopping capability, giving customers the best of both worlds.

Js.ule.com joined hands with local cities for online and offline marketing activities on November 3, 2016 that drew offline members to the online platform through road shows.

At the same time, the company built a membership value-added service system, and offered reward points and farmer assistance activities to meet the customer demands in each business segment.

Sponsored by the financial and newspapers industries, js.ule.com also addressed customer feedback and offered reward gifts to online customers to stimulate electronic banking transactions.

As a result, js.ule.com not only gathered more members to its platform but also promoted the development of related postal business and enhanced services to its members.

Js.ule.com holds regular online membership activities each month to cultivate customer use.

The total online members reached 300,000 during the first Ule 919 Shopping Carnival, which benefited from the cooperative operations and unified planning of provincial, municipal and prefectural outlets. 


(China Post)

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