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'Year of Wuxu' Special Stamp Issued
'Year of Wuxu' Special Stamp Issued
| China Post |2018-01-30
Guests cut the Chinese Zodiac stamp cake and take a photo together at the first issuing ceremony of the ‘Year of Wuxu’ special stamps held at China Post Group in Beijing on January 5. [China Post]

The first issuing ceremony of the ‘Year of Wuxu’ special stamp was held by China Post Group in Beijing on January 5.

With a set of two stamps, the designs are ‘Dogs Keep Peace’ and ‘A Harmonious Family Cultivates Prosperity’.

In order to adapt to changing market conditions, the issue of the ‘Year of Wuxu’ special stamp was reduced by 30 percent compared to last year's Yin Fire Rooster stamp, becoming the set with the smallest circulation in the fourth round of stamps of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac.

China Post General-Manager Liguohua, Vice Genreral-Manager Li Pizheng and designer of the special stamp Zhou Lingzhao attended the event.

Continuing the design concept of a ‘Happy Family’, the ‘Year of Wuxu’ special stamp depicts the image of Chinese pastoral dogs.

In the first figure, ‘Dogs Keep Peace’, the dog is shown with his head high and chest out, eagle-eyed and looking ahead, as if he can run at full speed at any time, defending against invasion and guarding homes.

In the second figure, ‘A Harmonious Family Cultivates Prosperity’, a brown dog is staring at a puppy. The black puppy stands firm with a raised head, lively and lovely. They depend on each other, showing a deep motherly love.

The two figures are connected, indicating the peace and harmony of family, and the prosperity and strength of the country.

As designer of the ‘Year of Renxu’in the first round of stamps of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, Zhou Lingzhao will soon usher in his 100th birthday.

Zhou had participated in the design of the national emblem of the People's Republic of China and the emblem of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), and served as the overall design of the second, third and fourth set of RMB.

The first figure of the ‘Year of Wuxu’ special stamp selects red as a background. They hope to send peace, prosperity, health and longevity to the whole country through the auspicious connotations of the 100th birthday celebrating the flourishing year.

Li Guohua and Zhou Lingzhao unveiled the special stamp at the ceremony. Li presented the frame of the ‘Year of Renxu’stamp issued in 1982 to Zhou, thanking him for the great contribution he made to the development of Chinese philatelic business.

Pupils of the ‘Youth Theme Post Office’at Beijing Ganluyuan primary school showed the dog stamps they drew at the event.

Centenarian and pupils painting stamps together is a symbol of the inheritance of philatelic culture.

In addition, the ‘Original Map of Zhou Lingzhao's Collection of Stamps’ and the zodiac works were exhibited in the China Postal Stamp Museum on the same day.

The exhibition showed a collection of stamps Zhou Lingzhao drew to the audience, many of which were debuted for the first time.

Those featured included the four rounds of Chinese Zodiac Stamps the museum collected.

The exhibition is expected to last until the end of February.

The ‘Dogs Keep Peace’pattern of the ‘Year of Wuxu’special stamp  [China Post]
The ‘A Harmonious Family Cultivates Prosperity’pattern of the ‘Year of Wuxu’ special stamp [China Post]


(China Post)

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