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PSBC Shanghai Opens First "Intelligent" Branch
PSBC Shanghai Opens First "Intelligent" Branch
| China Post |2018-02-22

On its 10th anniversary, the Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) Shanghai opened its first "intelligent" branch in the business department of its Pudong branch on January 18.

The Shanghai branch has improved the financial service system and the operating efficiency of the outlet and accelerated its transformation to a large state-owned commercial bank.

Located in the Jinyang Community of the Pudong New Area, the business department of the Pudong branch is decorated in a fashionable way and boasts the latest technology, in a bid to attract more customers.

The new outlet increased the amount of intelligent equipment, with an emphasis on customer service, and let the customers actively participate in financial transactions.

For example, there was an eye-catching electronic interactive screen in the spacious hall.

In addition to the bank's latest products and services information, the screen displayed weather, news and trendy motion-sensing games.

In the future, it will become an interactive services area for customers.

In the intelligent transaction area there are super teller machines, cash registers, self-issuing machines, machines to print out transactions, ATMs and other self-service devices.

Customers can take care of most of their business not involving cash transactions without having to take a number and stand in line thanks to this hardware, advanced human-computer interaction and cooperation, biological identification, data collection and other high technology.

The service staff provides customers with one-stop service, such as transactions, intelligent machine operation guidance, business processing, consulting and marketing, which have effectively improved the outlet's service experience.

PSBC Shanghai branch will continuously improve its operation efficiency and service level in the process of creating "intelligent" outlets, integrate financial service into communities, meet the growing financial needs of residents, professionalize both online and offline business, and write a new chapter for the next ten years.


(China Post)

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