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Postal Express Service EMS Ranks Top in Customer Satisfaction and Delivery
Postal Express Service EMS Ranks Top in Customer Satisfaction and Delivery2018-02-24

As one of the ten surveyed express service brands, postal express service EMS got 79.9 points in the satisfaction ranking of express businesses for its excellent delivery performance and ranked second in the 2017 Express Service Satisfaction Survey released by the State Post Bureau of the People's Republic of China on January 29.

The survey covers 50 cities, including all provincial capital cities and municipalities directly under the central government and 19 major cities with large express delivery service.

The test objects are ten full mesh express service brands, of which the domestic  business volume was ranked as top, and the service level as relatively good.

Users who used the express service in 2017 participated in the survey and evaluated different factors such as customer satisfaction, collection, telephone service, placing Internet orders, and after-sales service experience.

In total, 85,501 valid samples were obtained through computer-assisted telephone interviews and online surveys.

The survey showed that the satisfaction degree of customers with express service declined slightly, while that of customers with receiving and collecting increased. Ratings for delivery decreased slightly, while those of the after-sale factor were flat, and those for express distribution dropped for the first time in four years.

Among the 16 factors, those with higher user satisfaction were collection service, ordinary telephone service, inquiry service, collection quality, door-to-door service limitation, placing Internet orders, and delivery service.

Those surveyed were especially satisfied with receiving feedback, placing orders on the Internet, delivery cost, door-to-door service, and ordinary telephone service.

Meanwhile, the satisfaction index as regards the complaint service decreased.

In the collection sector, the service experience hardly differed between enterprises, and most of them were relatively positive.

As regards the after-sales experience, the inquiry service was ranked top, while response to complaints got a low score.

Satisfaction with reception information feedback in the delivery sector has obviously improved, and EMS was one of the enterprises that performed well in delivery.

Regarding China's different regions, the service performance in the central region of China was rated the best, while scores for the middle and western regions continued to rise, indicating that the effect of “Express going westward and downward” continues .

Users were more satisfied with the express service from cities to rural and remote areas than in 2016.

(China Post)

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