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China Post Insurance Awarded “Outstanding Grassroots Insurance Service Provider” Title
China Post Insurance Awarded “Outstanding Grassroots Insurance Service Provider” Title
| China Post |2018-05-11

China Post Insurance was awarded the title of “Outstanding Grassroots Insurance Service Provider” at the 3rd Insurance Innovation Congress & Awards China 2018 held by Fudan University in Shanghai on April 9, 2018.

With the theme of “Innovate for Breakthroughs: New Products, New Market & New Technologies,” the congress is considered as being in the vanguard of and boosting the insurance industry.

Top experts and scholars in China and from abroad, and representatives of well-known enterprises gathered together to discuss national insurance policy, market strategy, product design, cross-industry integration, technology and service, as well as other hot topics.

China Post Insurance has insisted on the strategic orientation of “Serving the grassroots, agriculture, rural areas and farmers” since it was founded.

It has actively promoted the livelihood security projects. The entity took full advantage of the postal network and resources, developed insurance products which were tailored to the needs of the grassroots, and provided insurance services to the grassroots, which has promoted the balanced development of insurance in urban and rural areas.

Additionally, China Post Insurance vigorously implemented poverty alleviation work and launched public welfare activities. Some of the activities were selected as “the Voice of China Insurance” and “the Brand of China Insurance” , These activities included caring for the empty-nest elderly, providing free physical examinations for left-behind children, and promoting education and health care in rural areas.

Workers of China Post Insurance also conducted surveys among farmers to learn about their living and production needs, took the lead in the formulation and implementation of a plan to assist agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and actively promoted the construction of “Insurance Villages” and “Rural Bookrooms,” which were warmly welcomed by local residents.


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