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China Post Research Institute Opens in Beijing
China Post Research Institute Opens in Beijing
| China Post |2018-06-11

Deputy General-Manager of China Post Kang Ning unveiled the plaque for the China Post Research Institute at an opening ceremony in Beijing on May 30, 2018.

The newly founded institute is an intelligence center, and scientific and technological innovation base where many industrial experts and think-tank representatives, as well as management consultants gather together.

It will develop into a research institute that suits a first-class global enterprise that is internationally competitive.

Based on its new position and new mission, the China Post Research Institute will carry out research on strategic planning, modern finance, modern logistics, enterprise management, technology application, information and design, testing and other fields.

What's more, it will build laboratories dedicated to researching green packaging, the Internet of Things, algorithms and optimization, decision support, financial innovation, as well as other research.

(China Post)

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