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PSPB Wins Many International Awards at GPSPC
PSPB Wins Many International Awards at GPSPC
| China Post |2018-06-13

The Postage Stamp Printing Bureau (PSPB) of China Post Group won the Best Gravure Stamp and the Best Combination Stamp award at the 17th Government Postage Stamp Printers Conference (GPSPC) that took place in Paris on June 6, 2018, making China rank first among the ten countries participating in the conference.

It was the souvenir sheet of China's Literary Classic Dream of the Red Chamber (II) issue that won the Best Gravure Stamp award. Year of the Yin Fire Rooster – Ding You won the Best Combination Stamp award.

In addition, the stamp Fruits (II) ranked second place in the Best Offset Stamp category. What's more, the stamp China Dinosaurs won third place in the Most Innovative category of the stamp award program after fierce competition.

All of the award-winning four sets of stamps were printed by the GPSPC.

The printing bureau has made many breakthroughs in the technological innovation of stamps, such as punching complex stamp molding, spraying the code in animal modeling, and flexography formation in offset printing. They have successfully used a new type of anti-counterfeiting stamp paper, metallic engraving ink and other new materials  in making the stamps, which have been widely praised by the international printing industry when appearing in international competitions.

The Stamp Award Program of the GPSPC takes place during its General Conference. Each member country may enter one postage stamp in the following six categories: intaglio stamp, gravure stamp, offset stamp, combination stamp, multiple issue, most unique or innovative.


(China Post)

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