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China Post Insurance Wins Two Awards in Cultural Transmission
China Post Insurance Wins Two Awards in Cultural Transmission2018-06-26

The news story  titled "Why do Farmers Flood into China Post Insurance Outlets" by China Post Insurance was listed in the "2017 Good Insurance News of the Year" released at a mobilization meeting of the National Insurance Publicity Day held by the Cultural Construction and Communication Specialized Committee, a branch of the Insurance Association of China (IAC), in Beijing on June 5, 2018.

What's more, the official WeChat subscription account of China Post Insurance was awarded the "Best WeChat Subscription Account" for the second consecutive year at the event.

Additionally, the winners of the 2nd Competition for Quality of Insurance Industry -Owned Media were also recognized.

The news "Why do Farmers Flood into China Post Insurance outlets" reported on China Post Insurance Jiangsu and China Post Jiangdu in east China's Jiangsu Province. The two entities joined forces to customize micro-insurance products for agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and build an effective security guarantee for the urban and rural low-income groups in Jiangdu.

The judging panel believed that the news has accurately described how the insurance industry responds to the country's call of targeted poverty alleviation through the media perspective. It can guide the news media and the overall industry to promote the achievements of the insurance industry, and create a more welcoming atmosphere for the healthy development of this industry.

The official WeChat subscription account of China Post Insurance has been embracing the use of new media by publicizing insurance knowledge, popularizing the insurance culture, and advertising the advantages of the insurance industry since it was established in 2015.

As an important platform for the company's publicity and information release, the account has always used original graphs and texts and served as an interactive platform for users. In the case of emergency, it issues emergency information, provides claim information and service for the victims and establishes a good social image of the enterprise.


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