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Waxwing and Peace Dove (Jointly Issued by China and Israel)
Supporting Information   
Stamp Title: Waxwing and Peace Dove (Jointly Issued by China and Israel)
Serial Number:
Value in Set:
Denomination: 0.0 yuan
Date of Issue: 2012-05-07
Size of Stamp:
Sheet Composition:
Printing Process:
The waxwing (Bombycilla garrulous), a member of the family Bombycillidae within the order Passeriformes, features a short bill, a soft crest, long and pointed wings, and a red or yellow-tipped tail. There are only three species of the bird in the world, two of which are found in China, mainly in the southwestern, northeastern, northern, central southern, and eastern regions of Chinese mainland as well as Taiwan. Most of them live in coniferous forests and coniferous and broadleaf mixed forests. Doves constitute the bird family Columbidae within the order Columbiformes. The plumage is tight, mainly gray, white, red, yellow, black or with markings. The neck shows a metallic luster. The bird is of a mild and gentle nature, agile in action, and likes to live in groups or flocks. Both waxwing and dove are symbols of peace, friendship, and purity. This set of stamps is jointly issued by China and Israel.

China National Philatelic Corporation will issue a FDC and a commemorative cancellation respectively.
Register number: 京ICP备15035540号 京公网安备110401400185号
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