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Good Fortune, Wealth, Longevity and Happiness
Supporting Information   
Stamp Title: Good Fortune, Wealth, Longevity and Happiness
Serial Number:
Value in Set:
Denomination: 0.0 yuan
Date of Issue: 2012-05-15
Size of Stamp:
Sheet Composition:
Printing Process:

"Fu," the Chinese word for "good fortune" or "blessing," was coined to imply good luck and long life. According to the ancient Chinese classic Shangshu (Book of History), there are "Five Blessings," which refer to longevity, wealth, health, virtue, and the luck to die a natural death in old age.

"Lu," the Chinese word for "wealth," originally meant the reward received. During the Shang and Zhou dynasties (some 3,000 years ago), people considered a promotion in official rank as "Fu," and regarded an award from the monarch as "Lu."

"Shou," the Chinese word for "longevity," implies old age and prolonged life. Since it ranks first among the "Five Blessings," longevity is also considered good fortune.

"Xi," the Chinese word for "happiness" or "joy," refers to delightful feelings or cheerful things. As early as thousands of years ago, the character already appeared in such classics as The Book of Songs and Rituals of Zhou.

China National Philatelic Corporation will issue four FDCs and a commemorative cancellation respectively.

Register number: 京ICP备15035540号 京公网安备110401400185号
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