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Liangping New Year Wood Print
Supporting Information   
Stamp Title: Liangping New Year Wood Print
Serial Number:
Value in Set:
Denomination: 0.0 yuan
Date of Issue: 2012-03-14
Size of Stamp:
Sheet Composition:
Printing Process:
Liangping New Year Wood Print, which originated from Liangping country of Chongqing City is one of the three traditional fine arts- bamboo screens, New Year wood prints and lantern show.

The subjects mainly fall into three categories: the God of the Gate, folk tales, and traditional opera. By adopting relief water printing technique and romantic artistic engraving skills, the pictures exhibit a simple and bold style and a well-rounded composition, artistic expression of exaggerated and deformed human figures and feature intense artistic contrast between the colors. With its distinctive local feature, the Liangping New Year Wood Print is represented as one of Chongqing traditional folk arts.

China National Philatelic Corporation will issue a set of 3 FDCs and a commemorative cancellation respectively.

Register number: 京ICP备15035540号 京公网安备110401400185号
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