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Cloisonné Enamel
Supporting Information   
Stamp Title: Cloisonné Enamel
Serial Number:
Value in Set:
Denomination: 0.0 yuan
Date of Issue: 2013-05-13
Size of Stamp:
Sheet Composition:
Printing Process:
Cloisonné enamel, also known as Jing Tai Lan in China, was reportedly introduced into China from Arab areas during the Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368) and rose to popularity in the Xuande era (1426-1435) of the Ming Dynasty. During Jingtai period (1450-1456) of the Ming, Chinese cloisonné enamel wares became internationally acclaimed for their beautiful designs and profound, glossy colors. Dark blue and greenish azure blue were the most popular colors for the enamel coating, contributing to the designation of the art as Jing Tai Lan ("lan" in Chinese means blue).

China National Philatelic Corporation will issue three FDCs and a commemorative cancellation respectively.

Register number: 京ICP备15035540号 京公网安备110401400185号
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