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Supporting Information   
Stamp Title: Thangka
Serial Number: 2014-10
Piece in Set: 4+1
Denomination: 10.8 yuan
Date of Issue: 2014-06-17
Designer: Liu Zhao, Fang Jun, Wang Huming
Size of Stamp: 36 x 60 mm
Perforation: 13.5 x 13
Sheet Composition: 16 stamps for Sheet I;8 stamps for Sheet II (2 sets)
Printer: Offset
Printing Technology: Henan Post & Telecommunication Printing Works

A thangka is a Tibetan-style scroll painting on cotton, silk or paper, which is painted or embroidered. Thangka paintings primarily depict Buddhist subjects such as the Buddha, bodhisattvas, and Buddhist guardians, as well as Tibetan history and ethnic customs. They are mounted with silk brocade in the style of scroll paintings invented in the Xuanhe reign of the Song Dynasty (960-1279).It is said that thangka first originated in the period of the Tibetan Empire (early 7th to mid-9th century) and developed into an art form in the second half of the 11th century. Some thangka paintingscreated in the period have been preserved to the present day. Initially, thangka was a kind of religious painting used on Tibetan Buddhist rituals. It functioned as a moveable niche, used by Tibetanlamas to travel around to preach Buddhist doctrines or meditate in front of it. With the evolution of its subjects and forms, thangka gradually developed into a unique art form.

China National Philatelic Corporation will issue a FDC,a souvenir sheet cover and a commemorative cancellation respectively.

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