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Modern Scientists of China
Supporting Information   
Stamp Title: Modern Scientists of China
Serial Number: 2016-11
Value in Set: 4
Denomination: 4.8 yuan
Date of Issue: 2016-05-08
Designer: Li Chen
Size of Stamp: 30×50mm
Perforation: 13.5
Sheet Composition: 16
Printer: woodblock overprinting
Printing Process: Henan Post Printing Factory

It is the seventh issue of the Modern Scientists of China stamp series. With eminent achievements, the four scientists have made outstanding contributions to the development of modern Chinese science and education, occupying an important place in history.

Born in east China's Jiangsu Province, Ding Wenjiang was one of the founders of Chinese geological science.

Born in east China's Zhejiang Province, Jin Shanbao was an agronomist, agricultural educator and founder of the science of wheat.

Born in east China's Shanghai, Ye Qisun was a physicist and educator, a founder of modern Chinese physics, and a co-founder of China Physical Society.

Born in Tianjin, Ye Duzheng was a meteorologist, a founder of Chinese modern meteorology, pioneer in the study of global climate change and winner of National Top Science and Technology Award.

China National Philatelic Corporation will issue four FDC and a commemorative cancellation respectively.


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