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China Dinosaurs
Supporting Information   
Stamp Title: China Dinosaurs
Serial Number: 2017-11
Piece in Set: 6+1
Denomination: 15.3 yuan
Date of Issue: 2017-05-19
Designer: Zhao Chuang
Size of Stamp: 30×40mm
Perforation: 13
Sheet Composition: 6
Printer: Beijing Stamp Printing House
Printing Technology: Woodblock overprinting

As reptiles born in the late Triassic Period (about 234 million years ago), non-avian dinosaurs left the world in the extinction event in the late Cretaceous Period (about 66 million years ago), while other dinosaur species evolved into birds that survive until today. Referred to as a world leading dinosaur nation, China is rich in dinosaur fossils and dinosaur research has developed quickly though it started late. After nearly a century, China now leads the world in paleontological fossil discovery and research, and had named 244 species of dinosaurs by May of 2014, ranking first in the world. 

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