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China Post Research Institute Establishes Green Development Research Center
China Post Research Institute Establishes Green Development Research Center2018-09-28

The China Post Research Institute has established the Green Development Research Center recently.

The center will closely focus on the strategic needs of green development and carry out policy-making consultation and application-oriented strategy research, effectively serving the green and scientific needs of the state's society, postal industry and transportation industry.

It will promote pollution prevention and control in the industry, actively conduct the concept of green development, and fully embody the political and social responsibility of China Post.

The research area of the Green Development Research Center covers three major categories, namely green delivery, green finance and green e-commerce.

It mainly deals with research topics related to the green development of China Post.

Based on the implementation advice of the group's “Green Postal Action,” the center at the present stage is researching China Post's green development strategic planning, carbon asset management, index evaluation system, green technology research and application as well as green standard formulation.


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