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About Us

With the approval of the State Council, China Post Group Corporation was officially restructured into China Post Group Corporation Limited in December 2019, a solely state-owned enterprise incorporated in accordance with the Company Law of the People’s Republic of China. The Group has the Party group, board of directors and executives, but not the board of shareholders. The Ministry of Finance performs the contributor’s duties on behalf of the State Council according to relevant national laws and administrative regulations. The Group engages in postal businesses in accordance with laws, undertakes the obligations of providing universal postal services, offers special postal services as entrusted by the government and conducts commercial operation of competitive postal businesses.

The Group engages in diversified operations in accordance with national regulations focused on universal services, parcel, express and logistics business, financial business and rural e-commerce. The business scope includes domestic and international letter business, domestic and international express parcel business, distribution of newspapers, journals and books, stamp issuance, postal remittance service, confidential correspondence communication, postal financial business, postal logistics, e-commerce, various postal agent services, and other businesses stipulated by the state.

After years of sustained development, the Group has been transformed and upgraded into a diversified conglomerate integrating industry and finance. Our competitiveness and profitability have been markedly enhanced and our social influence expanded. In 2023, China Post Group Corporation Limited ranked 86th among the Fortune 500 Companies and 1st among postal companies in the world.

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