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France Post Delegation Praises China Post's AGV Intelligent Sorting Robots
France Post Delegation Praises China Post's AGV Intelligent Sorting Robots2018-10-09

A delegation of France Post (La Poste) visited the Central China (Wuhan) Land Transport Center of China Postal Express and Logistics, and praised China Post for applying Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) intelligent sorting robots successfully on August 15, 2018.

The AGV intelligent sorting robots were put into use at the end of last year in the center, making it the only high-tech application processing center integrating AGV sorting equipment and cross-belt sorting machines.

The France Post delegation and staff of China Postal Express and Logistics Hubei conducted in-depth exchanges on the application, process design and production organization of AGV intelligent sorting robots.

“China's express delivery has developed rapidly, and is taking the lead in business development, scientific and technological applications. It is worth visiting and learning from. China Post staff can be proud of the achievements of their enterprise technicalization,” a member of the delegation said.


(China Post)

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