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Xinyu 2018 Chinese Love Stamp Culture Carnival Opens in E China
Xinyu 2018 Chinese Love Stamp Culture Carnival Opens in E China
| China Post |2018-10-09

The Xinyu 2018 Chinese Love Stamp Culture Carnival opened in Xinyu City, east China's Jiangxi Province, on August 17, 2018.

The event was sponsored by the All-China Philatelic Federation, and organized by Xinyu Municipal People’s Government, China Post Jiangxi and the Jiangxi Provincial Philatelic Association.

A set of special stamps "Wild Geese" was issued at the carnival. In addition, organizers launched a philatelic culture exhibition, a theatrical performance and other activities.

China Post Xinyu also set up a temporary post office to stamp postal items with commemorative postmarks and provide other postal services for ardent stamp collectors and citizens.

Some postal items were launched at the carnival, including the "Fairies from Heaven Come down to Xinyu" stamp album, "Hundreds of Birds Singing" stamp album, a commemorative stamp envelope, "Home Town of China’s Legend of Seven Fairies," a special stamp featuring wild geese and other related postal items. All of these were popular among stamp collectors.

The event also featured some famous love theme stamp designers, such as Xiao Yutian, Zhang Guizheng, Shi Yuan, and Li Xin. These designers also signed autographs for stamp collectors.


(China Post)

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