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China Post Department Director Wins Outstanding Individual in Poverty Alleviation Work Title
China Post Department Director Wins Outstanding Individual in Poverty Alleviation Work Title
| China Post |2018-11-09

Twenty outstanding groups and 50 outstanding individuals were commended at an outstanding groups and individual commendation conference and outstanding deeds report conference held by the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and state organs in Beijing on October 30, 2018.

Geng Kui, director of the Statistical Information Division of the Finance Department of China Post, won the honorary Outstanding Individual in Poverty Alleviation Work Title at the conference. He has been serving as deputy district director of Shangzhou District in Shangluo City, northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, from 2016 until present.

During his stay, Geng made outstanding contributions to the poverty alleviation work in Shangzhou District. He creatively carried out poverty alleviation work, explored new industry poverty alleviation models, created a processing industry, optimized the high-income planting industry, and formed an industry chain of edible fungus processing and pepper planting to eliminate poverty.

In addition, he planned an e-commerce project to fight poverty, introduced Shangzhou agricultural products to Beijing, signed five commercial agreements with a total transaction volume of 960 million yuan (138.51 million U.S. dollars) and promoted online and offline sales of local agricultural products.

Geng also engaged in social poverty alleviation work by organizing relevant departments to introduce a total of 22.467 million yuan (3.24 million U.S. dollars) of social poverty alleviation funds, and carrying out employment assistance, charity activities, and a targeted poverty alleviation campaign, so as to speed up the pace of poverty alleviation.

What's more, he donated 70,000 yuan (10,099.98 U.S. dollars) to rebuild a nursing home, which has helped solve the living problems of four senior citizens who don't have families.

(China Post)

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