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China's First Old Factory Theme Post Office Opens in Beijing
China's First Old Factory Theme Post Office Opens in Beijing2018-11-12

Theme post offices of China Post Beijing have a new addition. China's first Old Factory Theme Post Office opened at the Chaoyang Museum of Urban Planning in Beijing on October 23, 2018. 

With the transformation and upgrading of urban functions in recent years, distributing functions of China's capital has been further promoted. Beijing attaches great importance to the protection and reuse of old factories, turning old factories into treasures. The protection and renovation of a number of old factories, represented by the 798 art district, have become an important symbol of Beijing's cultural and creative development. 

In order to better highlight the social and economic responsibilities of postal enterprises, China Post Beijing focuses on the innovative development of cultural and creative industries. The enterprise makes full use of the resources of many old factory buildings in Beijing to establish thematic post offices. It started with the Chaoyang Museum of Urban Planning and made old factory buildings take on more functions of cultural facilities, such as stamp appraisal, and the hosting of cultural salons, art exhibitions, etc. The postal enterprises constantly innovate their postal services while old factory buildings are given renewed luster. 

“The Old Factory Theme Post Office will provide more cultural and contemporary services for all sectors of the society, and provide a reference for Beijing to promote the protection and utilization of old factory buildings,” Yang Jun, honorary director of the Old Factory Theme Post Office of China Post Beijing and director of the Chaoyang Museum of Urban Planning, said.

The postal code of the Old Factory Theme Post Office is 100026. It is managed by China Post Shuiduizi in Chaoyang District and has a commemorative postmark, which can be used to stamp postal items by stamps collectors.


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