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PSBC to Cooperate with Banks and Enterprises of Power China
PSBC to Cooperate with Banks and Enterprises of Power China
| China Post |2018-11-15

Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) convened a symposium on banks and enterprises in the construction industry in Nanjing, capital of east China's Jiangsu Province, on October 18, 2018. 

Related enterprises of Power Construction Corporation of China (Power China) were invited to attend the event. 

Power China is one of the eight largest construction enterprises in China. Its business focuses on conserving water, power and other infrastructure construction. Power China Road Bridge Group Co., Ltd is a professional platform under China Power, which is responsible for infrastructure investment and construction. It deals with investment, planning, survey, design, consultation, supervision, construction, operation and other business. 

At the symposium, leaders of related departments of Power China and China Road Bridge Group introduced the development of their national business as well as the key projects of China Road Bridge Group. They said that the PSBC has strong advantages in finance and coverage, which meets the business needs of Power China. 

Subsequently, the two sides conducted in-depth communication, focusing on the business approval process and key points. They reached initial consensus on risk preferences. 

Power China and China Road Bridge Group would provide lists of key projects for the PSBC, interlink cooperation for their branches, and establish a general-branch liaison mechanism between banks and enterprises. The Strategic Customer Department of the PSBC would further carry out business convergence and promotion work.

At this symposium, the two sides were confident of future cooperation and would jointly contribute to the project implementation. The PSBC would establish a nationwide reserve project library, actively support high-quality enterprises and key regional companies on condition of  controllable risk, rationally allocate credit resources, and provide financial services for customers, such as liquidity loans, guarantees, trade financing, investment banking and financial management, etc. 


(China Post)

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