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PSBC and Tencent Jointly Launch Campaign to Combat Telecom Network Fraud
PSBC and Tencent Jointly Launch Campaign to Combat Telecom Network Fraud2018-11-22

The Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) and Tencent have launched a “Prevention of Telecom Network Fraud Publicity Month” campaign in Beijing recently. 

With Tencent's “Guardian Plan” platform, the PSBC has created a new model of publicizing financial knowledge, expanded publicity channels, raised financial consumers’ safety awareness, and helped to combat telecommunication network fraud, thus protecting people's interests and property. 

The “Guardian Plan” is a public platform launched by Tencent to combat telecom network fraud. With its theme of guarding against telecom network fraud, the campaign aimed to inform customers about financial fraud.

During the campaign, the PSBC cooperated with Tencent in the design and production of publicity materials and the sharing of publicity channels. They publicized financial knowledge on the official website of the “Guardian Plan” platform, which has effectively increased the number of traffic to the website and also explored a new way of publicizing financial knowledge. 


(China Post)

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