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Taiyuan International Mail Exchange Bureau Starts Service
Taiyuan International Mail Exchange Bureau Starts Service
| China Post |2018-11-26

The Taiyuan International Mail Exchange Bureau started service on November 5, 2018, which was an important measure China Post Shanxi took to open to the outside world. 

The bureau will effectively meet the international consumption needs of the Shanxi people, and become an important platform for China Post Shanxi's attracting foreign investment and going global strategies. It indicated that China Post Shanxi has taken new steps to promote its capacity to offer international service and foster competitive advantages in foreign trade. 

The Taiyuan International Mail Exchange Bureau is an organization that sends packages to overseas postal agencies. It also receives, opens and deals with packages from these agencies. 

The customs will set up an organization in the bureau to supervise and inspect international parcels, so as to ensure the normal customs clearance order of postal channels. 

The bureau was constructed and put into operation in only one year. Now it has become a fully functional, well-equipped organization that deals with the information processing of all mail, which has greatly improved the efficiency of customs clearance. 


(China Post)

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