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CCTV's “I Have Heirlooms” Tells Stories about China Post
CCTV's “I Have Heirlooms” Tells Stories about China Post
| China Post |2018-12-06

CCTV's “I Have Heirlooms”  program broadcasted “Letters from Home Are worth a Million Dollars” segment on November 25, 2018. It introduced the history of China Post through the collections of the Tianjin Postal Museum.

Filming the program took six months. The director and consultant of the Tianjin Postal Museum was invited to the CCTV studio to talk about the collections of the museum and the history of China Post. His stories demonstrated the historical legacy of “China Post Serves the People.”

Wang Xiaolei, a well-known host at CCTV, came to the museum for the first time to conduct an interview. A famous historical researcher in Tianjin, Luo Shuwei, and a famous writer in Tianjin, Long Yi, attended the program and introduced the cultural relics of the museum.

The camera crew of the program also went to the Hebei Museum, Qin Huang Road and Jimingyi, which is the nation's first post office, to film shots. 

(China Post)

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