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China Post Jiangxi Joins Forces with Jiangxi Airlines
China Post Jiangxi Joins Forces with Jiangxi Airlines
| China Post |2018-11-30

China Post Jiangxi signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangxi Airlines in November 2018.

According to the agreement, the two sides will take full advantage of their own assets and resources to establish a long-term, stable and fast-working cooperation and exchange mechanism in line with the principle of “resource sharing, complementary advantages, win-win cooperation and promotion of development.” Thus, they can build a good platform for developing new business and expanding new markets.

The two sides will explore innovative business cooperation models, which cover accounts and settlements, deposits, credit granting, financial markets, insurance and securities, daily delivery and distribution services.

They will also carry out cultural and media activities, mail and air transportation services, and cooperate in customer service, e-commerce and data resources to achieve a strategic layout and quality development.  

(China Post)

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