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General Administration of Yimeng Red Post Office Opens in E China
General Administration of Yimeng Red Post Office Opens in E China
| China Post |2018-12-10

The General Administration of Yimeng Red Post Office opened at the Yimeng Revolutionary Memorial Hall in Linyi City, east China's Shandong Province, on November 22, 2018, which was one of the 2018 Sino-Russian Red Tourism Cooperation and Exchange Activities.

Red tourism is a subset of tourism in the People's Republic of China in which Chinese people visit locations with historical significance to Chinese Communism "to rekindle their long-lost sense of class struggle and proletarian principles."

Leaders from related units witnessed the event, such as representatives from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China, Shandong People's Government, Russia Federal Agency for Tourism, etc.

Organizers delivered the plaques for the new general administration to 11 Yimeng Red Post Offices, which are located in 11 red tourist spots in Linyi City.

The establishment of Linyi's new general administration combines red culture and wartime postal culture. It represents a new form of red tourism development. It aims to promote the Yimeng spirit of hard work, self-improvement, and selfless dedication, the Yan'an spirit, Jinggangshan spirit and Xibaipo spirit, most of which were a kind of revolutionary spirit.

Yimeng Red Post Offices are a means to publicize the Yimeng Spirit. The branches will issue commemorative postage envelopes, postcards, postmarks and other postal cultural products to create an Yimeng red cultural exchange and tourism commemorative platform, thus promoting the integration of tourism, culture and postal business.

To celebrate the establishment of Yimeng Red Post Office, China Post Linyi has issued and engraved a commemorative envelope and four commemorative postmarks for Sino-Russian Red Tourism Cooperation and Exchange in 2018.

The branch has also issued 16 red tourist scenic commemorative postmarks, such as the Menglianggu Battle Memorial Hall, Yimengshan Base Monument, Wartime Post Office, and Yimeng Hongsao Memorial Hall. Thus, Chinese and foreign visitors can appreciate the charm of red culture through the commemorative postmarks, and treasure the precious Sino-Russian red tourism cultural exchanges.


(China Post)

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