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China Post Guangdong Joins Forces with Guangdong Branches of China's Three Major Telecom Operators
China Post Guangdong Joins Forces with Guangdong Branches of China's Three Major Telecom Operators2018-12-11

China Post Guangdong signed strategic cooperation agreements with China Telecom Guangdong, China Mobile Guangdong and China Unicom Guangdong respectively on November 13, 15, and 19, 2018.

The partnerships will gave full play to their respective advantages in channels, products and business, and build a cooperation platform to share channels and resources while serving people's livelihood.

According to the agreements, China Post Guangdong and the three major telecom operators will jointly expand the telecommunications and postal business.

In the field of finance, China Post will provide payment solutions as well as financial settlement and fund collection services for the three major operators. Meanwhile, the three major operators will give priority to China Post Insurance for accidental injury insurance, major disease insurance, supplementary medical insurance for employees and welfare protection.

In terms of logistics distribution, China Post will provide the three major operators with distribution services, including warehousing, distribution, collection on delivery and receipt.

In addition, the four parties will focus on their respective groups of customers, enhance their existing customers’ production capacity, expand new customer groups and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

They will also strengthen cooperation in big data applications, publicity media and basic resources, etc.


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