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UPU looks forward to further cooperation with China Post
UPU looks forward to further cooperation with China Post
| China Post |2018-12-26

Bishar Hussein, director general of Universal Postal Union (UPU), wrote to China Post Group recently to thank the representative of the group for introducing the practice of China's philatelic e-commerce at the Macao International Philatelic Seminar.

Hussein said that he had received good feedback on the speech, which played an important role in promoting the development of the philatelic societies of the World, and further analyzed and responded to the questions raised by the participants. He hoped that the UPU would continue to cooperate with China Post in stamp collections.

The UPU held an international philately seminar with the theme of “Internet plus Philately” on September 22, 2018 during the Macao 2018 – 35th Asian International Stamp Exhibition. Representatives of China Post participated in a one-day seminar together with representatives of postal enterprises from France, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Romania and Russia. They introduced the development of the Internet-based philatelic services in their countries.

The representative of China Post introduced the achievements China Post has made in the transformation and development of philately based on “Internet +”, and demonstrated China's main practices and experiences in the area of “Internet plus philately,” including enriching the dissemination mode of philatelic culture, expanding the sales channels of philatelic products, improving the quality of philatelic services, improving the marketing ability of philatelic business and innovating the means of philatelic services.

Participants discussed the future development of “Internet + philately” from four aspects: strengthening the strategy to use different channels, promoting platform cooperation, improving the philatelic culture creative industry chain and bringing the application of big data into effect, so as to further realize the deep integration of philately and the Internet.

Finally, the organizers of the conference called on all countries to follow the trend of the times, strengthen the development of e-commerce, and inject new vitality and momentum into the development of the philatelic business.

(China Post)

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