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China Post Insurance Jiangxi's Poster on Anti-Money Laundering Wins Prize
China Post Insurance Jiangxi's Poster on Anti-Money Laundering Wins Prize2019-01-09

The Nanchang central sub-branch of the People's Bank of China (PBOC) announced the results of the “evaluation of the posters on the anti-money laundering of financial institutions in Jiangxi Province” recently.

The poster themed “China Post Insurance Popularizing Anti-Money Laundering Knowledge and Preventing the Risk,” which was designed and submitted by China Post Insurance Jiangxi branch won a prize.

A total of 181 financial institutions in Jiangxi participated in the competition and submitted their anti-money laundering posters, including major banks, insurance, securities and payment institutions. After one month's rigorous review by a group of experts in the branch, 16 financial institutions won awards.

It was the second time that China Post Insurance Jiangxi won a prize after the branch won first place in China Post Life Insurance Corporation Ltd's cross-checking and evaluation of anti-money laundering in 2016, and was approved by the regulatory authorities.


(China Post)

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