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CCTV's “Focus Interview” Program Reports on Individual Enterprises
CCTV's “Focus Interview” Program Reports on Individual Enterprises
| China Post |2019-01-10

After being interviewed on the “Great Change -- A Large Exhibition to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up”, Liao Xiuying, a woman in Ruijin City, east China's Jiangxi Province, once again appeared on CCTV's “Focus Interview” program on December 16, 2018.

The program also featured an Yiwu peddler from east China's Zhejiang Province who is the prototype of the protagonist in the movie Chicken Feather for Candy, and Zhang Huamei, who obtained the first business license for individuals in China.

They told their stories of how individual enterprises are becoming one of the most important forces in the national economic development.

Liao and her salted duck eggs have become iconic and brands in the targeted poverty alleviation project of China Post Jiangxi e-commerce, and even in the Jiangxi Provincial poverty alleviation campaign.

Liao has helped villagers leave poverty behind through China Post e-commerce. With the help of China Post in the past three years, Liao's salted duck eggs have developed from a retail business to large-scale industrialization. Her salted duck egg cooperatives have cooperated with 94 poverty-stricken families, and formed a duck egg industry in neighboring towns. Liao has also won the National Prize for Fighting against Poverty and the National March 8th Red-Banner Pacesetters awards. 

Now Liao hopes that her salted duck egg industry can take advantage of the favorable policies of the country and the convenience of the Internet, and develop even further. 

(China Post)

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