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Green packaging R&D center established in postal sector
Green packaging R&D center established in postal sector
| China Post |2019-03-18

A green packaging R&D center applied by China Post Research Institute has been officially established recently after being approved by the State Post Bureau. Through the integration of industry, education, research and application, the R&D center will transform scientific and technological achievements into industrial productivity in a timely manner, thereby supporting the green development strategy of China Post Group and helping lead the innovation-driven development and the testing standards of green packaging. It will provide important technical support for China Post Group in fulfilling its responsibilities as a State-owned enterprise and implementing its green development strategies.

In 2018, China Post Research Institute played an active role in the “Construction of Green Post” initiative and conducted a series of research projects in its related aspects. Meanwhile, the institute focused on building its R&D competency in the area of green packaging. One of its research outcomes has obtained a national patent.

In 2019, the Institute, depending on the R&D center, will continue to support the green development of China Post. It will follow the development trend of cutting-edge green technology, intensify its R&D efforts in green packaging innovation, and eventually strengthen its R&D competency in manifold fields such as logistics packaging, finance and e-commerce, etc.

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