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China Post Group steadily pushes ahead with the Three-year Action Plan for serving the Rural Vitalization Strategy
China Post Group steadily pushes ahead with the Three-year Action Plan for serving the Rural Vitalization Strategy
| China Post |2019-03-22

China Post Group (CPG) recently reported on its progress in the Three-year Action Plan of China Post for Serving the Rural Vitalization Strategy in 2018, and deployed this year's priorities.

This is the second and crucial year of China Post's initiatives in serving rural vitalization. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, China Post will thoroughly implement the guiding principles of the Nineteenth National Congress, the Second and Third Plenary Sessions of the Nineteenth Central Committee and the Central Economic Work Conference, comprehensively review and exchange experience of implementing the rural vitalization strategy  in postal enterprises at all levels across the country, and conscientiously complete this year’s must-do tasks in this aspect, making solid progress in the three-year action plan. China Post will continue to push forward the integrated development of urban and rural areas and reinvigorate poverty-stricken people to alleviate poverty by increasing investments in infrastructure, innovating operation modes, building a sales platform to help farmers, and facilitating targeted poverty relief. By increasing and prioritizing investments in infrastructure and service in rural areas, China Post will further optimize the structure of investments and the efficiency of the use of funds. By putting more financial resources to the countryside, China Post will accelerate the integration of multi-level, wide-ranging and sustainable rural financial service system, develop general-benefit rural finance, and innovatively promote the "1+N+X" financial service for agricultural industrial chain. By cooperating with China Mobile, China Telecom and other communication companies, China Post will focus on exploring the construction of business outlets in three terminal cooperation modes: multiplexing post, multiplexing communication and multi-party co-construction, so as to strengthen business cooperation and further enhance the coverage of the universal service in rural areas. By connecting postal enterprises in various provinces with new types of agricultural business entities such as family farms and farmers' cooperatives, China Post will intensify innovation in such aspects as beneficiary agricultural loans, comprehensive financial services, beneficiary agricultural insurance, e-commerce distribution services and rural transportation channels, and constantly enhance the depth and breadth of service, so as to facilitate the organic connection between small farmers and modern agriculture. By promoting the synergistic integration of ecommerce business and delivery service, China Post will further expand and strengthen the service of farm produces entering the city, attaining a seamless connection between production and sales of farm produces and lifting farmers out of poverty.

China Post Group officially issued the "Three-year Action Plan of China Post for serving the Rural Vitalization Strategy (2018-2020)" on August 10, 2018. Since then, it has actively assumed the responsibilities of a State-owned business to further improve the universal postal service in rural areas. With the continuous increase in support efforts and the improvement of the universal postal service network, the normal operation rate of the newly-built post offices has reached 100%, the coverage rate of the township outlets reached 100%, the direct postal service rate of the administrative villages reached 98%, and the supply and service level of the universal postal service in rural areas increased significantly. With the vigorous development of rural e-commerce, the difficulties in purchase and sales in rural areas have been solved effectively. 640,000 ule stores were built by China Post in 2018, which has played an active role in introducing farm produces to cities and boosted the sales by 15.7 billion yuan. With the update of 3086 rural distribution vehicles, the transportation and delivery capacity in rural areas has been significantly improved. With the increase in the precision, intensity and depth of financial poverty alleviation, several rural revitalization and targeted poverty alleviation projects have been brought into operation in the manner of multi-link, multi-angle and multi-measure. By the end of 2018, China Post has achieved five kinds of annual goals in the three-year action plan, including industrial prosperity, ecological livability, rural civilization, effective governance and affluent life.

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