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Fifty selections of China Post Farm Produces unveiled
Fifty selections of China Post Farm Produces unveiled
| China Post |2019-03-18

Have you got any favorite farm produces in mind? Are they pomegranates from Mengzi, Yunnan, or crispy pears from Dangshan, Anhui, or...

On March 14, China Post Distribution Bureau of E-commerce hosted the 2019 China Post Selection Conference of Quality Farm Produces. 50 selections of farm produces, represented by Shibadong kiwifruits from Hunan and Yulu bergamot pears from Shanxi, stood out from 134 varieties submitted by 30 provincial-level postal branches across the country, and were chosen to be the first batch of China Post branded quality farm produces with the unified title of "China Post Farm Produces". China Post Group will vigorously promote these selected produces through online and offline channels.

In order to build the brand of “China Post Farm Produces”, bring quality produces into cities, and to facilitate the targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization strategies, China Post organized an online balloting campaign of “My Favorite farm produce” from March 8 to 13. The produces to be voted were screened and submitted by provincial-level postal branches. The cumulative number of visits online reached 24.49 million in 6 days.

At the selection conference, an expert panel was also formed to score the produces on the spot. This expert panel was led by Wang Xiaobing, director of the Information Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and consisted of specially invited experts from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the National Engineering Research Center for Information Technology in Agriculture, Anhui Agricultural University, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Farm Produce Industry Alliance and Jusfoun Big Data Group Co., Ltd. Taking into account both the scores of the expert panel and the online ballots , the produces with the highest final scores in each province (autonomous region or municipality) were directly listed; other produces were chosen according to the ranking by final scores. In the end, 50 selections were chosen to be China Post Branded Quality Farm Produces. China Post Group will give priority support to the first batch of the selected produces, and establish a "Commodity Bank of Farm Produces" composed of 134 varieties of produces, which will be optimized and supplemented according to the operation of selected produces. China Post will grant comparatively more special subsidies for serving "San Nong” (agriculture, rural areas and farmers) to provincial level postal branches where these quality produces are originally produced.

Bringing farm produces into cities is a powerful tool for serving “San Nong” and eliminating poverty. It is also a bridge between the government and the people. With “China Post Farm Produces”, China Post will upgrade the practice of bringing farm produces into cities, and further consolidate the core position of postal enterprises in rural areas. The quality farm produce selection initiative helps to foster brands, improve the quality of business development, and better solve the problem of distrust between consumers and sellers. It is reported that in 2018, the sales of farm produces (including their byproducts) reached 2.3 billion Yuan ($343 million) in the postal enterprises nationwide, achieving a year-on-year increase of 71%.

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