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Hebei Postal Branch provides further service for Xiongan New Area
Hebei Postal Branch provides further service for Xiongan New Area
| China Post |2019-04-02

On the second anniversary of the establishment of Xiongan New Area, Hebei Postal Branch of China Post Group issued Guidelines on Further Serving the Planning and Construction of Xiongan New Area. While pushing forward the land expropriation for the China Post Logistics Park, actively fostering logistics co-distribution patterns in the New Area, and making efforts in aligning with the planning programs of the New Area, Hebei Postal Branch will work hard to fortify the construction of postal infrastructure and network, and strengthen talent support and the application of new technology, trying its best to support the construction of the New Area, striving to build a postal service system with public satisfaction, government recognition and enterprise benefit, and setting up a fresh image of the postal service.

Since Xiongan New Area Postal Branch was established last May, Hebei Postal Branch has been actively docking with it to press ahead with the effective implementation of various tasks. Through adjusting the organization of operations and improving service capacity, it has ensured the full coverage of the universal postal service in Xiongan New Area and strengthened the construction of postal route on Baiyangdian Lake, so that the voice of the Communist Party of China can be timely transmitted to the 12 lakeside administrative villages, and the quality of the universal postal service has been improved. Hebei Postal Branch has also adjusted the backbone postal route from Shijiazhuang to Baoding, and optimized the Baoding to Xiongan special route of tailored postal vans, so that the Management Committee of Xiongan New Area can receive newspapers in the morning without additional costs. It has also optimized the delivery routes of confidential mail and increased personnel and vehicles, to make sure that the confidential mail can be delivered timely and safely to the Party and government organs concerned. Moreover, Hebei Postal Branch has developed such relevant cultural and creative products as "commemoration of the ground-breaking of Xiongan" and "home memory" to collaborate with the local government for the publicity.

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