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China Post Research Institute conducts sci-tech innovation research on express delivery
China Post Research Institute conducts sci-tech innovation research on express delivery
| China Post |2019-04-16

Recently, China Post Research Institute officially established the project "Tracking Research on Technological Innovation Benchmarking of Express Enterprises", aiming to boost the core competitiveness of the parcel, express and logistics business through technology empowerment.

With the implementation of China's innovation-driven development strategy and the advent of the 5G era, the express delivery industry is gradually transforming from labor-intensive to technology-intensive, and technological innovation will become the core element of competitiveness for express companies in the future. At the same time, enhancing core competitiveness through technology empowerment has been listed as one of the eight key tasks of China Post Group in 2019. With this in mind, the Corporate Management Research Center of China Post Research Institute organized a project team to carry out the tracking research on technological innovation benchmarking of express companies. The project team has done a lot of work in the early stage, and has conducted multiple rounds of communication with experts in related fields to continuously explore and improve the knowledge of the project.

It is reported that the project will focus on the express industry and find out the effective elements of innovation and technology empowerment through panoramic scanning. It will then establish a scientific and technological innovation evaluation index system and construct a model from the perspective of total factor productivity improvement in order to study the role of the technological innovation elements in promoting enterprise development. Besides, the project will put forward new ideas concerning the orientation of technological innovation of the express industry in the 5G era, and make appropriate recommendations on the development of the postal enterprises, especially the parcel, express and logistics business sector in accordance with the actual situation of the postal enterprises.

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